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MP3 Downloads Bruce Allen (May 2016)

1. Room of expectation
Download Bruce-Allen-14-05-2016-Session-1.mp3

2. DO something by faith
Download Bruce-Allen-14-05-2016-Session-2.mp3

3. Light of the world
Download Bruce-Allen-14-05-2016-Session-3.mp3

4. Obedient faith
Download Bruce-Allen-15-05-2016-Session-4.mp3

5. Everyone is called. What’s your calling?
Download Bruce-Allen-15-05-2016-Session-5.mp3

6. Restoration and reparation
Download Bruce-Allen-16-05-2016-Session-6.mp3

7. Arise and shine
Download Bruce-Allen-16-05-2016-Session-7.mp3

MP3 Downloads Bruce Allen (June 2015)

1. Download Bruce-Allen-230615.mp3
2. Download Bruce-Allen-280615-Teil1.mp3
3. Download Bruce-Allen-280615-Teil2.mp3