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Sunday Service with John Rajiah, Eternal Word Ministries, India

On 24 March 2019 we hosted Pastor John Rajiah from Eternal Word Ministries in our Sunday Service starting at 5:00 pm.

His personal account of the moments when the Lord saved him from suicide, healed him and called him into ministry at the age of fourteen very much appealed to us.

The impact of his ministry EWM which he co-founded with his wife Catherine from France was conveyed to us in a special way by John Rajiah’s touching reports. The closing highlight was contributed by an EWM voluteer from Carinthia: “John Rajiah adopted all 1500 children that live in the orphanages of his ministry. Now they all are named after him “Rajiah” which means “King” and belong to the royal caste as John Rajiah was born into this highest caste in India. All his children grow up in the love and truth of the Gospel.” Hallelujah!

QUOTES from John Rajiah’s homepage:

John Rajiah was born in Madras, South India and was raised in a Christian home. He stuttered from the beginning of his life until he asked Jesus to come into his life at the age of eight. From this moment forward, he experienced a noticeable change. When he was fourteen, Jesus showed him that He wanted to heal him completely for a very special purpose: John should preach the Gospel to many people. John said YES to a life of complete service to God. At the age of eighteen he went to Wales in order to study at Bible University and to prepare for his evangelistic ministry. Since then John has been preaching the Gospel in various places in India, Nepal and Europe. In 1989 John Rajiah founded the Christian relief organisation “Eternal Word Ministries EWM – A Heart for India”.

“It all happened by God’s grace!” With these words Pastor John Rajiah characterizes the past two decades of EWM. Besides caring and providing for orphans, which constitutes the main assignment of EWM, the Word of God is mightily proclaimed.

The focus of EWM has always been world evangelism, burning with a vision to go into the highways and by-ways, rescuing souls from the pit of hell and introducing the lost to Jesus Christ.

Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:15)


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