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Bernhard & Karin Koch

On Sunday, April 30th, the pastors’ couple Bernhard & Karin Koch  from Rinteln in Germany ministered to us.

Bernhard and Karin Koch pastor JESUS!Gemeinde Rinteln, a charismatic church which they started as a cell group when they were younger. Bernhard’s desire is to convey the delivering message of Jesus Christ in a genuine way. He authored several books on faith related subjects and personalities of church history. When Karin’s life was threatened by  a brain bleeding she had a close encounter with heaven. Today she calls believers into a close relationship with God and leads into unleashed praise and passionate prayer. The couple preaches in churches and on conferences in Germany and other countries.

Karin shared the breathtaking account of her own death – how she went with Jesus for a walk in a heavenly garden. When she finally came back to life on earth she woke up speaking in tonuges on her sick bed. Jesus conveyed to her that speaking in tongues is her most effective spiritual weapon.

Bernhard showed us the importance of the right choice when it comes to exposing ourselves to media influence.  If we watch what the world has to offer it will effect us accordingly. Just like Job meditated on bad things that could happen to him and his family until they eventually came to pass, our expectations will come to pass. We better meditate on God’s Word and His thoughts over us and thus consider His plan for our lives!



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